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Key Arena Dental Clinic

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Key Area Dental Clinic

Dr. Hagel and Dr. Huang volunteered on Friday, October 24, 2014 at the Key Arena. Friday was part of a four day free health care clinic offering medical, dental and vision services for “people in need.”  More than 500 health personnel volunteered for the event.  The four day event ended up serving over 4,000 patients.  Most of the patients were the “working poor”, people who were employed full time but did not have dental or vision care included in their medical insurance. some of the staff from our Kirkland office spent the day

The free clinical event was sponsored by RAM, Remote Area Medical, a non-profit with medical and dental mobile clinics across the country.  It was founded by Stan Block in 1985.  John Merner, the Director of The Seattle Center Productions, heard about RAM on a 60 minute segment.  He contacted Stan Block with the idea of “bringing community-minded or low-cost medical and dental care to the community.”

Dr. Hagel and Dr. Huang and staff were able to help over 30 patients that day, many of them there for basic care such as cleanings, extractions and fillings.  They were assisted by Rachel Martinez and Dr. Hagel’s daughter, Lauren. Lauren is planning on carrying on the family tradition by becoming a dentists.  She hopes to start dental school fall of 2015.  Carri Venable and MaryAnn Peterson were our two dental hygienists that spent the day with patients also.  It was a very positive, successful day for all, staff and patients.  All our staff are anxious to volunteer again for next year’s clinic!