Pediatric Dentistry

We help children develop dental habits that ensure a healthy mouth as they grow up. This includes specialized attention to the natural progression of baby teeth to adult teeth.

Dental Care for Babies

Many of our team members have families and understand the trust and responsibility of caring for younger clients. That is why we use advanced technology, experience, calm atmospheres, and widely recognized safe materials for all baby care.

Thumb Sucking

Between 75%-95% of infants suck their thumbs. Although usually not a concern, it is still important to pay attention to this behavior to prevent negative oral health implications. We will help you understand solutions that may help and offer non-invasive habits to help your baby move on from thumb sucking.

Routine Care For Kids

Comprehensive Exams
Child Prophylaxis
Fluoride Varnish
Dental Sealants
Metal-Free Fillings
Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

Office Hours

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